UroCuff® testing services

provided at your location by our skilled nurses (see more below)

UroCuff® Testing Services

Services tailored to meet your practice's or hospital's needs

Comprehensive UroCuff® Service turn-key testing services including equipment and interpretation

Our comprehensive UroCuff® testing services include everything needed to perform UroCuff® testing, including equipment, software for performing and interpreting the test, the required disposable supplies, and the nurse staffing to perform the test. In addition, we provide interpretation services where we will interpret the vast majority of the test for you, which saves you time and expense. By using our comprehensive services you receive the following benefits:

  • The equipment is provided by us and brought in by the nurse serving you, so there is no equipment for you to purchase, which reduces your costs.
  • The staff we provide you is fully trained in UroCuff® testing, so you don't have to train your staff, which saves on training expense. This also prevents you from having to conduct future UroCuff® training for new staff when someone leaves.
  • We provide the supplies/disposables, so you do not have to purchase or stock the supplies/disposables required for UroCuff® testing.
  • We will interpret the UroCuff® results for you, which saves you time and provides for consistent and well-documented results.
  • You will receive extremely consistent test results and reports since we follow a very precise and methodical process in administering the UroCuff® tests.
  • You will have access to advanced web-based software so you can access the UroCuff® data from any location. The software also assists in managing and optimizing the testing process.

Our standard UroCuff® testing protocols allow you to bill fully for the UroCuff® tests. You bill globally and we bill you a flat fee. Our comprehensive UroCuff® testing service is one of our most desired and used services since it makes our customer's lives so much easier.

Note: UroCuff is a registered trademark of SRS Medical.

Staffing Service staffing to support your existing UroCuff® and Urodynamics testing

If you need staffing to support your UroCuff® and urodynamics testing efforts, we are your solution. Our trained staff is proficient in administering both male and female urodynamic tests as well as performing UroCuff® testing. They also have a sound understanding of all the different urodynamics equipment in the market as well as UroCuff® equipment. Our staffing services fit the following scenarios that might be occurring in your practice:

  • Your staff person has just left your practice, leaving you with a resource and skill shortage. We can solve this problem for you by providing staff for a temporary period of time until you can find and train a replacement.
  • Your business is expanding to a new location and you need to offer urodynamics and/or UroCuff® at this location. We can provide the staffing needed for this new location.
  • Your existing staff is extremely busy and needs to be allocated to other tasks. We can free them of the time required to perform urodynamics and UroCuff® tests so they can focus on other tasks.
  • Your urodynamics/UroCuff® nurse is going on maternity leave, leaving you with no ability to perform urodynamics and/or UroCuff® testing for several weeks. We can fill this void for you until your staff returns from maternity leave.

Our staff will perform the testing the way you want it performed. Additionally, our staff can help your staff learn urodynamics and UroCuff® best practices that all of our staff are fully trained in.

Note: UroCuff is a registered trademark of SRS Medical.

What do our customers say?

We regularly need staff that is trained in both UroCuff® Testing and Urodynamics. We have turn-over just as all practices do, but BHN's staffing solutions help keep us running smoothly. Before partnering with BHN we would have turn-over or a maternity leave and end up with a large back-log. This does not happen any longer.

--CEO of Large Urology Practice in Florida

Service Quality we drive quality through culture and processes

Quality doesn't just happen. It takes dedicated people committed to a cause that are excited about what they are doing. It also requires processes that are repeatable and well understood. This is what we strive for at BHN, and we achieve it.