pediatric urodynamic testing services

provided by our highly-trained nurses at your practice/hospital (see more below)

Pediatric Urodynamic Testing Services

Services tailored to meet your pediatric practice needs

The video below provides a brief explanation of our in-office pediatric urodynamics testing services.

Pediatric Urodynamic Testing Services turn-key testing services

Our pediatric urodynamic testing services include everything needed to perform urodynamic testing, including equipment, disposable supplies, software, and nurse staffing to perform the testing. In addition, we compile the urodynamics report for each patient in a manner that will save your practice's physicians' time and expense. By using our pediatric services you receive the following benefits:

  • Equipment - We provide the equipment so you don't have to purchase it, maintain it, and constantly calibrate it.
  • Trained Staff - Finding trained staff with pediatric urodynamics experience is always a major challenge for all organizations. We solve this problem for you.
  • Supplies - Sourcing and stocking urodynamic supplies is costly and a constant burden. We remove this burden as well.
  • Compiled Study Reports - You will be provided consistent and well-documented test results that are formatted in a way that will save all of your physicians' time and effort, making them more efficient and freeing their billable time.
  • Quality Test Results - You will receive quality test results because we follow a very precise and methodical protocol when administering the urodynamics test, which consistently produces quality results. Over 300 hospitals and practices trust us with their urodynamics testing, so you can be assured that we know what we are doing.
  • Web-based Software and Data Access - You can access the urodynamics data and reports from any location via our web-based software. The software also assists in managing and optimizing the testing process. It is fully encrypted to ensure you maintain HIPAA compliance.

Our standard urodynamic testing protocols allow you to bill for all necessary Pediatric Urodynamics CPT Codes. If you would like pricing and more information on our services, please click the button below to receive a price sheet and brochure. (Note: Our services are limited to certain geographic locations, so please provide your zip code.)

If your organization already has the necessary equipment and supplies, and you only need trained pediatric urodynamics staff, please click on the button below for our Pediatric Urodynamics Staffing-Only Options.

Due to the invasive nature of urodynamic testing, this procedure can be traumatic for children. It is important that knowledgeable staff is available to ease the child’s anxiety. To help the patient remain calm, age-appropriate diversions are often required and our staff is educated in such procedures/tactics.

Additionally, crying, movement, and distress can cause artifacts in the urodynamics measurements, limiting the resulting data's usefulness. The staff we provide is trained in minimizing these instances and removing the artifacts that do occur. Local antiseptic, such as 2% lidocaine jelly, may also be needed, and our staff will provide the local antiseptic and apply it properly. For some children, particularly those who have had prior urethral surgery or have extreme anxiety regarding the procedure, sedation is sometimes necessary. Due to credentialing/legal restrictions, our nurses do not apply general anesthesia but they do know how to coordinate with anesthesia nurses to orchestrate a full urodynamics procedure that requires general anesthesia.

Electromyography studies in adults commonly utilize patch electrodes. However, EMG needle electrodes are often more appropriate in children. These electrodes can be employed during cystometry in order to provide the most accurate information. Our nurses will accommodate your desire for patch or needle electrodes.

Our nurse performing the urodynamics study for your practice will be emotionally prepared for the procedure. For most children, crying and screaming is normal during a urodynamics study. For untrained or under-experienced nurses, this can make it difficult for the nurse performing the procedure. However, our nurses are trained and prepared to focus to deliver a quality urodynamics test result free of errors and artifacts.

What do our customers say?

Our Urodynamics Department had many years of regular personnel turnover. This made it very difficult to generate good results from our urodynamics studies. Additionally, it led to regular patient backlogs and unhappy parents that didn't understand why they have to wait for a needed test. However, since BHN has been our partner, everything has been running smoothly. We are getting great quality urodynamics test results and have had zero backlogs or complaints.

--Head of Pediatric Urology at a Large Children's Hospital

Service Quality we drive quality through culture and processes

Quality doesn't just happen. It takes dedicated people committed to a cause that are excited about what they are doing. It also requires processes that are repeatable and well understood. This is what we strive for at BHN, and we achieve it.