Clinics often struggle with implementing or managing continence services within their practice. Capturing good diagnostic data, formulating interpretations, integrating to EMR systems, training and maintaining staff, dealing with reimbursement issues, educating and recruiting patients, and maintaining equipment are just a few of the headaches clinics face when it comes to continence care. BHN helps you overcome these challenges by streamlining urodynamic testing, anorectal manometry testing, and other pelvic health services within your practice.

Our solutions are offered with no upfront investments and flexible payment plans to accommodate the individual dynamics of your practice. At BHN we take a partnership approach to success…meaning we work with you to develop, manage, and evolve your pelvic health solution to bring maximum results for you and your patients. When it comes to comprehensive continence care for your patients BHN is a trusted advisor and a key resource to help you develop, or enhance, a comprehensive pelvic health solution for your practice. I invite you to explore the exciting solutions available to you through BHN! I’m confident you will quickly see that with BHN a smarter pelvic health solution is within your grasp.

BHN's urodynamic testing and anorectal manometry testing services have helped us grow our business considerably and freed my time to see more patients.

Quote from valued BHN customer of 8 years

Focus on patients and let us help you with diagnostics