Useful Urodynamics Videos from multiple sources

videos that will be helpful to any healthcare professional working with urodynamics

BHN Urodynamics Services Overview

This video is a very brief overview of BHN's urodynamic testing services. This video is approximately 30 seconds long.

Urodynamics Overview Video

This below BHN video shows a BHN nurse performing a urodynamics procedure and it includes a thorough explanation urodynamics as well.

Case Study of Urodynamics in Multi-Location ObGyn Practice

The below BHN video case study includes several interviews with doctors and administrators at an ObGyn customer that has used BHN's comprehensive urodynamics testing services for several years. The video is approximately 6 minutes long. The doctor's and the client's names were redacted to protect their confidentiality. For more information on BHN's comprehensive urodynamics services, please click here.

Urodynamics Overview from the University of Florida Department of Urology

This is a high-level overview of urodynamics primarily intended for patients. It is a PowerPoint presentation with the author providing commentary. It is approximately 6 minutes long.

Laborie Air-Charged Catheter Usage Explanation

This is a video from the medical equipment maker Laborie where they explain how to use their disposable air-charged catheters. It goes over the details of the catheters and how to connect them to their measuring equipment. It is approximately 5 minutes long.

Dr. Neil Baum Explaining Typical Urodynamics + Cystoscopy Procedure

Dr. Baum, a urologist in New Orleans, LA, explains the typical urodynamics procedure when a cystoscopy is also performed. This video is a little over 6 minutes in length.

InterStim Trail/Test Procedure

This video is from Tampa General Hospital and walks through a trial InterStim insertion and test. The leads are placed into the sacral nerve area and tested using standard InterStim protocols. This video is a little over 6 minutes in length.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) Treatment

This video is from Southeast Urogynecology and describes a patient's treatment and surgery for Pelvic Organ Prolapse. Urodynamics was performed prior to this patient's surgery. This video is slightly over 3 minutes in length.