Useful anorectal manometry videos from multiple sources

videos that will be helpful to any healthcare professional working with anorectal manometry

BHN Anorectal Manometry Services Overview

This very short video provides an overview of BHN's anorectal manometry testing services. It is approximately 30 seconds long.

Treatment of Fecal Incontinence with InterStim Treatment

This video is from Southeast Urogynecology and walks through a patient's experience with InterStim treatment for fecal incontinence. It paints a very strong and positive picture for InterStim treatment of fecal incontinence. The pressure testing procedure the patient discusses is Anorectal Manometry. Anorectal Manometry is often done prior to an InterStim implant to better ensure InterStim will work properly. This video is approximately 6 minutes long.

Basic Anorectal Manometry Explanation

This video provides a very brief explanation and an overview of anorectal manometry. It is approximately 1 minute long.

Anorectal Manometry and Interstim Bowel Mechanism

This video explains the interaction of the sacral nerves and the rectal and anal sphincter muscles and how this interaction affects incontinence. Additionally, this video describes the capabilities of sacral nerve stimulation. This video is approximately 6 minutes long.